Cosmetic Dentistry

The quality of your smile can play an enormous role in your confidence and self-esteem, and it can make or break first impressions. Cosmetic dentistry is the suite of services we offer to help you improve the beauty of your smile and the quality of your life.

We are always excited to review cosmetic dentistry options with our patients, because we know what a big difference beautiful teeth can make in a person’s appearance. When it is time to make your smile the best that it can be, we offer a variety of options, such as:

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Tooth Whitening

If your teeth are yellow, brown, stained or slightly discolored, teeth whitening may be a great option for you. Tooth discoloration is often the result of smoking or drinking coffee, tea, wine or tetracycline stains. Some people suffer from white spots on the teeth, which can be developmental or a side effect of orthodontic treatment.

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to brighten your smile by whitening the color of your natural tooth enamel. Lighter teeth are more youthful in appearance. It is optimal to lighten your teeth prior to any restorative dentistry is performed in the esthetic zone.

We offer two types of teeth whitening regimens:

1) in office and
2) custom tray bleaching.

In some cases, we combine these treatments to maximize results.

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If you are unhappy with minor imperfections in your teeth such as small chips, minor unevenness, slight overlaps, shallowly pitted surfaces, or worn biting areas; or if you have some teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of your teeth or have sharp canine teeth, you may want your teeth to be contoured.

You may need to reshape your teeth if you have thin enamel, shifting teeth or teeth that had previously received extensive restorations. We are careful to ensure that your bite remains the same after contouring / reshaping. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Tooth-colored (or composite) filling is used to repair tooth decay (cavities), worn teeth, cracked teeth, chipped teeth and broken teeth. First, the decayed or affected area of the tooth is removed, cleaned and then filled with a composite filling. We match tooth-colored fillings with the shade of your existing teeth, so that the filling blends naturally into your smile. Tooth-colored fillings are desirable for highly visible areas of the mouth such as the front teeth.


If you have chipped, discolored, misaligned or imperfect teeth, cosmetic bonding is a conservative, effective way to restore teeth so that they look more uniform and aesthetic.

During the cosmetic bonding procedure, we apply a dental composite material, which looks similar to your tooth enamel, into the cavity or onto the tooth’s surface. Then, the composite material is shaped and hardened using a high-intensity light. Cosmetic bonding results in a restoration that blends naturally with your teeth to create a healthy, bright smile.


Porcelain veneers are made of glass-like ceramic material that closely resembles tooth enamel. They are an easy, permanent cosmetic solution for stained, discolored, worn, crooked, chipped, misshapen or misaligned teeth. Some patients opt for veneers as an alternative to crowns because they want a smile makeover and veneers give a bright, uniform smile. They are applied on top of existing teeth without changing the natural, healthy tooth structure.

At Kelli Junker, DDS we offer two different types of porcelain veeners:

1) minimal preparation of the tooth and
2) no preparation of the tooth (LUMINEERS® BY CERINATE®).
Depending on your tooth structure and current mouth condition, we will choose the type of veneer that best suits your needs.

We customize all of our veneers in our lab to match your tooth shade and color.


If you have chipped, broken, uneven or missing teeth, you may need to undergo a partial or full-mouth restoration. We offer porcelain inlays, onlays, partial crowns (or caps), full crowns and fixed bridges (fixed partial dentures), which blend invisibly into your smile. We customize your fixtures in our dental laboratory to match the shade of your existing teeth before adhering them.


Teeth can be lost for a number of reasons, including tooth decay, root canal failure, periodontitis (or gum disease), trauma to the mouth, congenital defects and/or excessive wear and tear. If you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants.

Dental implants are a durable, permanent solution to replace missing teeth with a titanium root replica. As long as you have enough bone in the area of the missing tooth to facilitate the placement of the implants, this procedure can yield terrific results.

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone while under anesthesia. At Kelli Junker, DDS we perform the crown and bridge placement associated with your implant restoration. Then, we work with top oral surgeons and periodontists in the area for the optional placement of dental implants. We design custom dental implant abutments, tooth-colored structures used to attach the implant into the patient’s mouth, which is typically attached to the dental implant three to six months after it was placed. In addition, we create crowns to fit the abutments to restore form and function to missing teeth.