Invisalign® A Clear Solution, Newport Beach

If your teeth are misaligned, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign, which is the clear alternative to metal braces. We offer a FREE Invisalign consultation prior to you making a decision to use Invisalign.

Teens and adults alike appreciate Invisalign for several different reasons, including:

  • Cosmetic – You can see through the aligners – no silver “metal mouth” here.
  • Comfort – Aligners do not irritate or poke at the insides of your mouth.
  • Convenience – Aligners may be removed for brushing, flossing comfortable eating and if a special event arises.


Why straighten your teeth?

The obvious:

  • A more esthetically pleasing smile
  • Enhance appearance
  • Confidence

The not so obvious:

  • Healthier gums trapping less bacteria around crowded teeth
  • Healthier bite to reduce amount of wear on teeth long term
  • Prevent future mal alignment that happens over time