Patient Safety Message

Your safety has and will always continue to be number one.

Our team of caring, skilled clinical professionals are all vaccinated. We continue to assist all patients with a pre-rinse to help eliminate any potential virus one could be unknowingly harboring. Each room has its own upper air hospital grade UV light installed to keep the air sterile. They each also have hospital grade air filters.

We strive to always limit the number of patients waiting in our office by getting you back right on time. However, If you would like you may call or text before coming up to confirm we are ready and if not, remain in the comfort of your car.

Studies continue to show a healthy mouth is an important first defense line against COVID, or any other virus. When your mouth is healthy and free from inflammation your immune system can focus on fighting foreign pathogens entering. Patients with gum disease were 9x more likely to be hospitalized if became infected with COVID.

We understand this a time of increased concern. Thank you for putting your trust in our team to take care of you like family. We cherish the opportunity to provide the best care every time you walk through the door.

– Dr. Kelli Junker, DDS