I was impressed with your updated technology and the staff’s friendliness. Brandie was so special in explaining everything she would be doing and

why before the proceedure. I wished I had become a patient sooner.
6 Month Cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2011-12-08
I had another GREAT experience at the dentist. Brandie did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and was very thorough. My teeth always feel so clean… thank you.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Terry Black on 2011-12-08
Fast, pleasant, and painless. Makes me want to go to the dentist more often!

4.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Clyda Brenner on 2011-12-08
Professional, friendly people and atmosphere!
Dental Hygiene on 11/17

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: John Lafare on 2011-11-19

Excellent, thorough, professional, competent, caring and friendly service, as
Permanent Bridge

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Hill on 2011-11-17
While getting a bridge is not the most comfortable experience in life, the doctor and the staff did an outstanding job making the experience tolerable. Dr. Junker excels at her craft and no matter what type of dental work she does, she always makes you feel as if you are the only patient in the office.
review for in house crown

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Margaret Shannon on 2011-11-16
Very painless procedure which makes me happy. Peggy Shannon
Kelli Junker, DDS visit

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Cristina Calderone on 2011-11-09
I had my first real visit with the new hygienist and it was a great experience. Shanay was gentle, caring, gave me some great advice to improve my gum health and got me to work on time! Dr. Junker came in and checked me
out, and was very informative when explaining the reason that I need a crown. I am a longtime patient of Dr. Schwarz, and I think Dr. Junker is an excellent choice for his practice.

Kind and lovely

4.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2011-11-08
My time with Dr. Junker, Monika, and especially shanay was great. Such kind and lovely ladies.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Kelly Piercey on 2011-10-31
the tech was great, the new dr was great thank you
Good experience

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Laura Meaders on 2011-10-26
Brandi was my hygenist and I told her, “You are really gentle”. I usually ask for a little topical numbing just for cleaning but didn’t need it at all. She took the time to explain some issues with my gums. Very thorough and I was out quicker than I thought
Great visit

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2011-10-26
I always look forward to visiting your office.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Joseph Preston on 2011-10-25
Could not have been happier!

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Nancy Blair on 2011-10-20
I love you all, I’m So glad to have found you Kelli and Shanay! I love you all, and Harriet you are a real kick in the pants. So glad you did a great teeth cleaning for me today and I helped Harriet out with the Debit problem. Love you guys!
Crown replacement

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Leroy Volberding on 2011-10-19
Very hi tech, fast and well done with a smile.
Mostly Brandy

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Nancy Lusk (Smith) on 2011-10-18
Always pleasant. Am pleased w/ the forceful directions given by: Brandy for care of my gums. Am doing more than I ever have as believe she cares abt. what happens to my teeth–so I try to do way more of what she says –if nothing more–want a gold star from the teacher….s he is far more
proactive abt. after care–refreshing. Dr. Schwarz fixed a tooth a couple of

wks ago which has made my life much easier—as well as improved gums.
Most appreciated!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Cristy Giddings on 2011-10-17
Brandie is an excellent hygienist. She is very thorough, gentle and conscientious. I highly recommend.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Lewis Nameth on 2011-10-13
Always a great experience! Great doctors and great staff!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A
by: Mara Cole on 2011-10-13
I had a great experience yesterday for my cleaning. And a big thankyou to harriet for fitting me in. 🙂

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Uchino on 2011-10-12
Always get in at the appointed time. The service is excellent and very professional.

Is It Possible To ENJOY A Visit To The Dentist?

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Susan Rinek on 2011-10-12

Dr. Junker, Christina who assisted, Monika who assisted, Harriette who coordinated the schedule, and the wonderful staff made my visit very comfortable in spite of the fact that I was “in the chair” for over three hours for some extensive work! Everything was explained to me so I knew exactly what was going on, and I was well cared for the entire time. Dr. Junker
called me in the evening following my procedures to see how I was doing –
– That made me feel especially good. Best of all, I was doing well. All in all it was a good experience, which, given the circumstances, is a HUGE accolade.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Darlene Wolfe on 2011-10-07
The office is so very friendly and everyone is so caring. I had a great cleaning appointment with Brandy. She is top notch!
Excellent Dental Care

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Paul Messer on 2011-10-06
The besty of care with a nice personal touch.
5.0 Stars NPS: N/A
by: Stuart Frase on 2011-10-06
I was very satisfied with the service

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Stuart Frase on 2011-10-06
I was very satisfied with the service
A wonderful practice!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Michael Halpern on 2011-10-04
Dr. Junker is a skilled practitioner, she doesn’t oversell dentistry, she’s generous with her time and abilities, and her staff is excellent and accommodating.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Derek Payne on 2011-09-29
What a great experience, ESPECIALLY for the dentist. Let’s be honest, it is never something we want to do, but we all should know we need to do this…..I would recumbent this practice to any and all.
Great Team!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Lisa G. on 2011-09-29

I love this team of dentists and hygienists! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Junker
for many years, and am just thrilled she chose this line of business since she is very compassionate, caring in her work, besides being an excellent

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gerald Morris on 2011-09-24
I visited Dr. Kim yeserday and set up an appointment for the surgery. Thanks, Jerry
Great Service!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Bryan Sullivan on 2011-09-23
Very professional and thorough dentist.
Dr Junker and Staff

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Paula Woodruff on 2011-09-21
I have been a patient of Dr. Schwarz for over 15 years and have been seeing Dr. Junker over the past year. She is very professional, gentle, and sweet! I got a new crown a few months ago and it was painless, fast and Dr. Junker even followed up with a phone call that night to check on me. She’s the best and the entire staff is top notch. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Annual check up

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Patty Gordon on 2011-09-21
I visited Dr. Junker’s office for my annual check up and had a wonderful experience. In fact I think it was the most detailed teeth cleaning I have ever had. Every one in the once was very nice, made me feel welcomed. I highly suggest a visit to Dr. Junker!
Best Dental office ever

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Karye Norsworthy on 2011-09-15
let me just say dentists scare me … Dr. Junker doesnt! shes the best dentist i have ever had she truly cares I had extensive work done and the entire staff made it a great experince to the point where i actully wanted to get the work done. If i could give more than 5 stars i would!!
Nice, friendly and a woderful experience:

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Mark Giddings on 2011-09-14
Thank you all for a great visit to the dentist, I have always appreciated Dr.Schwarz, it’s nice to know they have done a great job brining in a proffesional group… Thanks, Mark
Dental Hygiene on 9/12

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: John Lafare on 2011-09-13

Brandy was once again thorough, helpful and professional and, with Harriett
on vacation in Scotland, the back-up receptionist / assistant was equally warm and effective.
Well done

4.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Scott Gill on 2011-09-09
Great care, communication and follow up
Treatment by: Brandie.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Leroy Volberding on 2011-09-08
Thorough and precise. Best ever.
Great Dentist

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2011-09-03
I dread having dental work and Dr. Junker made it the most pleasant experience dental work could be.
Clean and check.
5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Jane Mosley on 2011-09-01
I have been going to this office for at least 12 years. I have always felt I had the very best dentist in orange county. I was a little apprehensive to have a

new hygienist and new dentist in this office. I loved them both and look
forward to seeing them both again. Thank you Dr. Schwarz for choosing such quality people to place on your staff.
My appointment today!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Barbara Rountree on 2011-08-29
Harriett is the greatest for getting me in today and I love Brandie. She might be the best hygenist that I have had and I am grateful for my appointment today. Thanks. Barbara
Brandie and Kelli

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Robin O’Connor on 2011-08-25