Hi, I was basically instructed to have this consultation with Dr Cho and it went fine, he was with me for about 5 minutes and then the assistant said “that will be $150!” I about choked! If I had known that there would be a fee for the consultation I wouldnt have done it. I think it should have been brought to my attention prior to the visit. I scheduled the procedure I need done for Mar 2nd, but I hope and pray to the good lord above it better be covered on our insurance!
Great visit
5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Melody Cabunoc on 2012-02-04
Brandie is superb! Her knowledge and cleaning regimen has improved my gums since my last visit. Plus I learned how to correct my brushing technique.
Such nice people!
5.0 Stars NPS: N/A
by: Cinamin Stulik on 2012-02-03
I had an amazing experience at my dental appt! Thank you all so much for such kind service and I am so pleased with me wonderful cleaning! Thank you again:)
Dental Hygiene on 1/25

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: John Lafare on 2012-01-26
As always, very friendly, thorough, professional.
Judy cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Smith on 2012-01-25
Simply the best! – very professional, effective, and most personalble.
On time, professional, informative.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A
by: Chris Mahon on 2012-01-19
Positive experience. Recommend gum therapy service.
Love, Love Brandie:-)

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Melody Lord on 2012-01-18

Brandie does an awesome job cleaning my teeth and providing me with a
wealth of great tips on taking better care of my teeth!
while you wait onlay or crown

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Leroy Volberding on 2012-01-12
This is a great technique which I have used twice now.
Personable and Professionsal

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Lorie Bullard on 2012-01-11
We have seen DR Junker and staff for years and would highly reccommend her! She does very thorough work and is always wearing the best smile. We always have Brandie as our hygentist and she is the best!
Was a totally positive experience

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Nancy Lusk (Smith) on 2012-01-11
Was very happy w/ everything that was done. Gums improved since last visit and feel better about all that we’re doing. Was fitted for night guard– we’ll see…..
Professional, Artistic, Efficient

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Uchino on 2012-01-11

Just had my teeth whitened and bridge replaced. As always the work was
professional, artistic and painless. The office staff are always knowledgeable and very helpful. My wife and i have been patients for over 10 years and have enjoyed being treated by: Dr. Junker and her staff.

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Virginia David on 2012-01-05
Thank you Dr Junker! It was a better experience than I thought it was going to be. I am a little sore today and didn’t sleep well last night but I am doing better than I thought I would!
Always On time

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Uchino on 2012-01-04
I am always impressed how every appointment is on time. It starts on time and ends on or before the scheduled time. I always have to wait for my other doctors but have never had to wait beyond my appointment time. The only wait I have is if I arrive early for the appointment. In addition to
being on time the staff is professional and accomodating. I’ve always hated going to the dentist. I still don’t enjoy it but I don’t try to avoid going to the dentist anymore.
Great first visit!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Rob Rask on 2012-01-04

This was my first visit to Dr. Junkers office, and it was a 5 star visit. Very
comfortable setting, and all of the people who work with Dr. Junker are professional, and nice. I felt right at home, and I also felt i received 5 star service. Since I will need some dental work done, I look forward to a few more visits. I highly recommend Dr. Junker and her practice.
Cleaning and X-rays

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2011-12-30
Great! I love them!! Brandy is fantastic!
The Best

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A
by: Tyler Glatch on 2011-12-23
I used to hate going to the dentist. Not any more! Dr. Junker is the best.

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Darlene Wolfe on 2011-12-22
Always a wonderful experience in the office. Thanks to Brandy for an other great teeth cleaning!
The Best!

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2011-12-20

So glad to have finally found a highly capable, fair, and caring dentist for
me and my family! Dr. Junker and staff are trained in state of the art techniques unlike many of the older, local dentists.
Check up/ Cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Val Wheeler on 2011-12-16
Started on time!! Very personable and professional. Listened! Pleased with overall experience.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Galina La Plante on 2011-12-14
I have visited few dentists in the past.. Kelli is the most carrying, professional and experienced dentist. She takes her time (without any rush) to make it right! She will make sure it is perfect and you are happy with the results. Also it was nice to receive her call in the evening to make sure I am feeling well. I strongly recommend her as the A+++ dentist. I will stay with her for the rest of my life Thank you KELLI!!!
very impressed

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Marianne Black on 2011-12-13