Brandie has greatly improved my dental health and is a pleasure to work with.
The Best Dentist I have ever had

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Darlene Wolfe on 2012-05-10

Dr. Junker is just the very best, I feel very fortunate to have her as my
dentist. Every staff member is so kind and professional and I would refer the practice to any family member or friend.
No problems

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Jason Hinchman on 2012-04-25
Apt. was on time, Judy was nice and appeared to have done a good job. Dr. Schwarz checked in and made some comments. No issues.
Job well done!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Rob Rask on 2012-04-25
Had a crown replaced, that had fallen out recently. Dr. Schwarz and team did an outstanding job- no pain, no hassle. Thank you. I’m not a big fan of the dentist- but this was too easy.
Great as Usual!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Bonnie Shores on 2012-04-24
I always have a wonderful experience at Dr. Junker’s office. The entire staff is great!
Cleaning and Such
5.0 Stars NPS: N/A
by: Sandy Caouette on 2012-04-20

I am always well taken care of at your office. Harriot and Brandie are
super!!! I feel as though I am a part of your dental family….I know that I am in good hands… as we know service is just as imperative as product…both
of which surpass my expecatations! Sandy
The Best!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Linda Broderick on 2012-04-18
The staff is wonderful and it was great to see Dr. S. working the morning I
came in to my teeth cleaned.
Great Visit !

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Vivian Nolan on 2012-04-18
always nice to see Ken and Harriet!! thanks team

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Paul Messer on 2012-04-16
27 years of excellent dental care.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Roland Kelly on 2012-04-11
judy is terrific, kelly kelly

Teeth cleaning, x-ray,cursory exam by: Dr. Schwarz

3.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Kittie Rau on 2012-04-04
Hygenist and Dr Schwarz are very nice, as always but I thought the charges for the procedures were outlandish!
Brandi is the best

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Michael Halpern on 2012-04-04
Brandi is a wonderful hygienist who really cares about her patients and has great technical skills.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Jyll R on 2012-04-03
Dr. Junker and Schwartz are phenominal too, but Brandie is the reason I keep returning. Professional, intelligent and caring. Harriet is so pleasant and sharp. I have been going to Brandie/Junker for approximately 7 years and have never had even one bad experience. I would never leave and recommend to anybody that will listen.
Temporary crown installation by: Dr. Schwarz

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Paul Roadarmel on 2012-03-30

I scheduled an emergency appointment to have a temporary crown installed
on March 29, 2012. Dr. Schwarz filled in for Dr. Junker, who had just given birth. I appreciated the office making time for me, and I also enjoyed my visit, as much as one can enjoy an emergency dental visit. I was treated on time, the treatment was painless, and the results are excellent. I have already scheduled an appointment for April 11 to have the permanent crown installed.
Junker and Schwarz Dental Review by: a patient

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Marianne Plunket (Reitz) on 2012-03-29
Dr. Junker and Schwarz are wonderful, competent and gentle dentists. Their office is very well run, scheduling is easy and friendly, cleanings are pain
free and they use all the latest modern technology for dentistry. I highly recommend them and their practice.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Robin O’Connor on 2012-03-29
I have been Kelli and Brandie’s patient for years now and love the new office! The service by: everyone involved is prompt, efficient, friendly and empathetic. I would not go anywhere else. And I have had ALOT of work done over these years.
Professional, Comfortable Dentists

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2012-03-28

Professional dentistry services. I’m an old patient from Dr. Schwarz and was
concerned with the transition to Dr. Junker but I am very convinced that it was a good decision. She is very professional and caring. Wishing you an enjoyable long retirement, Dr. Schwarz!
teeth cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Darlene Wolfe on 2012-03-27
Thank you Shanay for the excellent cleaning.
Thank you Harriet, Ken and Brandie

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Deborah Loucks on 2012-03-27
See you in a few weeks!
like to learn

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Vicky Smith on 2012-03-22
I like that I always learn something new, like there’s possibly a bonder that we can try on my teeth as my gums recede a bit. Also had a good talk with Judy about bacteria… so keep educating your patients… I like it.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Paula Woodruff on 2012-03-21

Always a pleasure to see you!
5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Hill on 2012-03-17