When we are proximal,I am like a animal. As you grind my incisor feelings erupt like a geyser. When you inpect my canine its cloud nine. Together we will board my occlusal plane and fly away together. Just acknowledge my plaque and I will never look back.
Routine Cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: CarolAnn Dean on 2012-10-11

As usual during the visit I was treated with the upmost professional courtesy.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Sandy Caouette on 2012-10-09

Brandie and Harriet and all the girls are super efficient, professional, friendly, and caring.
Well done!

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2012-10-05

Thanks for a job well done! Dr. Junker and her staff deliver first class service and the highest level of professional dental capabilities. She not only installed a new replacement crown, but followed up to insure everything
was okay. I really appreciated the level of attention.
Very considerate of pain management and evening follow up

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Val Wheeler on 2012-10-05

No pain. Minor soreness today and no difficulty chewing.
Teeth cleaning by: Judy

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Kittie Rau on 2012-10-04

She was excellent. Told me many things about caring for my teeth and I must wonder why other hygenists hadn’t told me about these things years ago. I might not have had so many cavaties if I had known before!
First visit review

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Diane Finley on 2012-10-04

My first visit to Dr. Junker was very good. Dr. Junker and her hygienest Shanay are pleasant and professional and explained all that they were doing and made good recommendations for my dental care.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2012-10-03

Problem tooth

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Tana Kutz on 2012-09-28

Dr. Junker and staff are all very professional and caring. She found the problem and offered a solution in a timely manner. I would definitely highly recommend her!

Visit to Dr. Junker’s office

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Chris Mahon on 2012-09-28

Excellent dental office. Personal, caring attention rendered promptly and with ultimate professionalism.
Friendly, caring and professional

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Dennis Jacobson on 2012-09-26

As usual, entire staff made me feel welcome and well cared for.
Kelli Junker, DDS

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: Robert Briggs on 2012-09-20

Brains and Beauty looking at my teeth

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Paula Woodruff on 2012-09-19

Excellent, as always! Judy is delightful and is very thorough and helpful in showing you problem areas. Dr. Junker – friendly, sweet, and professional as always.
Best of the Best

4.5 Stars NPS: N/A by: John Lyons on 2012-09-17

This is the best run, most efficient, Well-Trained Dental Team I have ever seen; I’ve seen a few of them to qualify myself as A+ Dental Assessment Expert. Kidding aside Dr. Junker and her whole staff are hands down the
best dentist and Staff and Receptionist in this part of the world. No need to go anywhere else folks – Really! JE Lyons Seal Beach – yeah I make the
The Best Dentist Office Ever!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Melody Lord on 2012-09-14

My visits are always great!
Great appointment

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Clete Molacek on 2012-09-12


hey did a great job.
repair and cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Jason Hinchman on 2012-09-07

Everything went according to plan
Teeth Cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Kaye Molacek on 2012-08-31

Thanks to Brandi for taking such good care of my teeth. And thank you
Kelli for being so good to us, we appreciate all that you do.
Teeth cleaned

3.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Georgia Keefer on 2012-08-29

I was disappointed in my teeth cleaning as no one checked the tongue or area for cancer and the dentist never came in to check my teeth.
Whitney’s Cap

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Whitney Blakeslee on 2012-08-28

Everything went great. I had no pain. I am using a temporary cap right now and on September 13th I get may permanent cap.
Very gentle

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2012-08-23

Dr Junker is very gentle and makes sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.
The best!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Robin O’Connor on 2012-08-22