Gentle and caring.

Funny you should ask. I showed up 12 minutes late 8:42 and was out the door at 9:01. never had in my life have I had my teeth cleaned in roughly
18 minutes. No end of cleaning check by: the Doc. Felt like I was run through a quicky car wash in the back of a gas station. I am sure my teeth are cleaner but then why have I wasted all this time with Judy and others spending 45 mins – 1 hr getting my teeth cleaned. Love a response.
The staff at Dr. Junker’s office

5.0 Stars NPS: 10 Left anonymously on 2012-12-06

The staff at Dr. Junker’s office is amazing! Everyone is friendly and professional. It was a painless visit. I left with a smile and feeling very good.
A crowning moment

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Sheila Blyth on 2012-11-27

Simply stated, “I have a fear of having my teeth worked on!” Kelli was
recommended by: a close friend who assured me she was fast, efficient and CAREFUL. I put off my crown as long as possible and finally made an appointment with Dr. Junker. Every aspect of my experience was just as my friend predicted. Kelli took the time and patience to make sure it really was a crown that I needed. She explained all that would take place and on the day of the procedure she was gentle, fast and very thorough. NO PAIN and only an Advil later in the day. I am very happy to have found a dentist that
I feel so comfortable with. A much easier, stress free experience. THANK YOU!!!!
Teeth cleaning with Brandie

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Kathleen Hill on 2012-11-22

Wonderful. Brandi is so good at her profession. If your teeth are in bad shape and you listen to Brand about the cleaning process your teeth will never look better. I always enjoy seeing her and her positive outlook in the care of the mouth. Thanks Dr. Junker. Your office staff and all other staff are real pros.
Excellent Service

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Chris Mahon on 2012-11-20

All superlatives to Dr. Junker and her staff. Excellent, professional service.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2012-11-20

Brandi at dr Junkers office is a wonderful hygienist! So informative and sweet!! Great atmosphere and such friendly staff.
The Flecher Jones of Dentistry

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A Left anonymously on 2012-11-19

This dentistry practice makes going to the dentist not only easy but almost enjoyable.
Best teeth cleaning I have ever had. Judy explained things as she saw them.

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Daniel Salceda on 2012-11-14

This was the first time I have used Dr. Junker’s office for my teeth cleaning and I will not go anywhere else. Judy was fantastic.
follow up deep clean

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Joseph Preston on 2012-11-13

it could not have been better
Great service!

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Tana Kutz on 2012-11-09

Dr. Junker called me the evening after she did a crown just to make sure I
was doing OK and tell me what to expect over the course of the next few days as far as symptoms. I was impressed that she could do the crown in office thereby: preventing me from having to return for another appt.
Teeth cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Gary Hill on 2012-11-09

As always a great experience. Dr. Junker runs an efficient office and Brandi is such a pro. Thanks Dr. Junker for another pleasant experience..
Incredible Dentist and Staff

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Kathleen Ice on 2012-11-08

The entire staff is always courteous and professional. Judy does an excellent job with teeth cleaning ( so thorough). I absolutely love Dr Junker!! I have been going to her about 10 years. She is always so positive and with her calm demeanor allows the experience to be more relaxing.., she goes over and beyond the needs of her patients.. She is honest and trust worthy and really cares about her patients from her heart. I am lucky to have found her as my dentist. I highly recommend her!!
follow up deep clean

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Joseph Preston on 2012-11-07

I feel I am getting excellent oral care with attention to all the details….

Dental Visit

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Bruce Olander on 2012-11-07

The office is ALWAYS friendly. I redo will look fantastic and warm. My teeth cleaning experience was on time and informative. My new insurance was explained very well. See you all next time!
Dental Hygiene Visit

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: John Lafare on 2012-11-05

Thorough, professional and friendly service, as usual
One day crown

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Linda Van Pelt on 2012-11-02

So nice to get a crown in one dental visit! The new technology is amazing. Dr Junker is an excellent dentist and makes you feel very comfortable. Her staff is very professional and friendly. Nobody enjoys having to get dental treatment, so much anxiety. Dr Junker and staff make the visit much easier than in the past. I would highly recommend her.
Teeth cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Nancy Lusk (Smith) on 2012-10-23

It was positive as always. I believe my teeth/gums are in much better shape
after several apts. w/ Brandy. Nancy

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Robert Fitzgerald on 2012-10-17

f/u cleaning

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Joseph Preston on 2012-10-16

prompt and educational….keep up with the customer service aspect to the business…it goes along way to your success in today’s competititive health care market.
Dear Kelly,

5.0 Stars NPS: N/A by: Robert Briggs on 2012-10-12